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Hello everyone, hope your all well, So seen as it’s almost Christmas and everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit, I wanted to see if anyone has any past time Christmas stories to share, Things that have occurred on or around Christmas that you will never forget , everyone at some point In their life has at least one Christmas cringe worthy story or hilarious moment. I’ll share one of mine to start off with.

When I was younger I used to dread Christmas family day , My Grandparents made up a tradition years ago, where for one day in the year everyone was to make the effort to get together for family fun! It was decided that Christmas was the best way for everyone to make the time to come. This went on every year when I was growing up, So a few years down the line and sadly my grandparents pass away and and everyone made a renewed effort to attend the Christmas family day , now bare in mind , my mother had 12 siblings, 7 sisters 5 bothers , and they had children of their own as well as partners! So with the family growing bigger every year , My uncle Terry took upon him  self to organise a fancy dress Christmas party at our local social club  , my mum  was super excited because normally we went to one of the family members houses. My mum  took me my sister and my dad to the fancy dress shop for our costumes, My dad chose Elvis , huge wig , whites suit , platform shoes , My mum chose to be a sixties hippie,  long ginger wig , shirt dress , knee high white leather patient boots , peace sign on her forehead , the whole shebang ,my sister was dressed as an elf and I was Morticha Adams from the the Adams family , white face paint , long creepy black dress , long jest black wig , So we turn up at the club excited to see what everyone was else was dressed up as , only to walk in and find nobody had dressed up at all , we were stood there in the middle of the loacal social club where some of our neighbors and school friends were enjoying there own family night out , looking absolutely ridiculous as elvis , elf moticha , and a hippie, when uncle terry comes over to us and says ,” didn’t Anyone tell you we weren’t doing the fancy thing anymore ? “ I was so embarrassed I made my mum take me all the way home to get changed, to make matters worse my dad always up or a laugh , chose to stay in his white suit and platform heals , for the whole party, I will never ever forget that day as long as I live , 

So I would love to read any of your Christmas laughs. ❤️

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Hey :) I remember a very funny and warm story from my past. It was Christmas Eve, and me with my girlfriend decided to cook something delicious together. It was a very special evening for us. We decided to cook some pancakes, but my girlfriend has dropped everything on my new leather apron, bought from https://olpr.com/collections/aprons . I wasn't so happy then, but now I am rembering it with a smile on my face

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