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On 12/22/2018 at 8:04 AM, Steve said:

Discord Giveaway Roles

We've added new discord roles which will grant you access to new exclusive giveaway channels! Below you will find a tier list and and their respective requirements to enter and advance up to the next one. With each new tier, you will unlock access to increased giveaway thresholds!

To start things off everyone post their FULL discord name in a comment below so we can verify your accounts.

Example: SteveStake#3894 

(Don't forget to post the hashtag and the 4 digit number! Discord names are case sensitive so check for caps).

When you qualify for a new role message me on Discord at SteveStake#3894!

Link me your comment you left on this thread in a Discord message


Tier list

Staker (Tier 1)

Access to $1 giveaways

Exclusive Staker (Tier 2)

  • Forum post count of 20+
  • Invite at least 1 person to Discord

Access to $2 giveaways

Vip Staker (Tier 3)

  • Forum post count of 50+
  • Invite at least 3 people to Discord
  • Have at least 1 btc wagered

Access to $3 giveaways


Legendary Staker (Tier 4)

  • Forum post count of 250+
  • Invite at least 5 people to Discord 
  • Have at least 5 BTC wagered

Access to $10 giveaways every day

Elite Staker (Tier 5) (Closed)

  • Each time this tier opens it will be a 2 week event!
  • During the first week all Legendary Stakers will compete to see who can wager the most crypto
  • The top 5 people who wager the most crypto during this week will unlock tier 5 for 1 week
  • Your current crypto wagered must remain public until this event ends
  • Everyone's starting/ending crypto wagered will be logged here: https://bit.ly/2G1XohP

Access to $50 giveaways every day



  • Entering a new tier does not prevent you from joining the giveaways from lower tiers!
  • Discord links must be set to never expire! Only invites I can see at the time of giving a role are counted!
  • BTC wagered amount must be public only when you're waiting for a new role
  • If you are found using an alt account on Discord or breaking the rules of Stake you will lose all of your roles.
  • If the Discord invites are not natural you will lose all of your roles.
  • Forum posts must be constructive and not spam
  • No sending discord invites on the forums or Stake chat



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