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What's your favourite Sports?

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1. Rugby 

Union and 7s, no league locally so don’t really watch much.


2. Football (Soccer for disambiguation)

- I support Germany, Bayern and Arsenal


3. Tennis

Men’s and women’s

I like how often the underdog prevails. One  point can change a whole match!


4. Golf 

The Masters is my favourite major... anything can happen on that Sunday - remember how Spieth went swimming like 3 times at that par 3?


I did also go through an American football phase when I used to watch Friday Night Lights... Go Cowboys!


cricket became too long for me to watch. I was at the final of the National T20 tournament and just couldn’t wait to get out.

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Basketball has always been my top favorite sport. Been playing since a young age. Even have a photo of me as a chubby little boy with a basketball which i had no recollection of other than the picture itself.. xD

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Basketball, definitely a sport which requires talent, athleticism, iq (mostly defensive iq, predictions etc.) and team chemistry to achieve something, like non other sports do. For example football/soccer (english/american) doesn't require so much athleticism and iq. Volleyball doesn't require so much team chemistry and talent is less important than athleticism. 

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