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What are the good intentions in 2019?

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Hi Brunkey (Aaitpoes) here,
I want to know what your good intentions is in 2019.

My good intention will be, making more good and real friends on stake. More investing in BTC and other crypto currency's
Take care of my sick sad! (i dont hope this is his last year).

Listen to other people what they say! And try to help them.
No fireworks for me this year! because simple i dont like fireworks. My cat Darko is very scared with fireworks.

Motto: just be a friendly person to other people, and you get happy people back.

Wish you all the best and a happy 2019!

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Eeeh, i just want this year to be over and onto the new one. It hasnt been the best of a year for me personally, not just here but in general. So many events that happened this year was very challenging, and really just want to move on from that. Its not because its turning 2020 but the mentality and belief of a fresh year is whats the key and not the changing of the year itself as its only a number. xD

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