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Calling out the fakes.

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to those who said busted and state how much was busted,, is not surprising there stats are hidden.. anyone can say bust and not say how much was lost..is pretty obvious that what ever amount they say they bust.. won't equal to their stats... and why worry about how much they bust.. to be honest if they have to announce the amount well good for them for loosing that much.. there shouldn't be pity or any hard feelings for their lost.. they chose to play with that amount.. what they expect to happen.. to get what they lost from other people,.. if they do then they are in the wrong place.. we can only say wow. or bad luck.. or even say i know the feeling..they move on and bust again..and announce it again..everyone got use to it..if you feel calling them out on that. then whats the purpose, what is the gain for both sides.. nothing..like the start of the site says Play Smart.. busting isn't playing smart..

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I think things are not so bad, they are just innovators in begging, although there are some that take things wayyyyy too far and harass/annoy other users. Rain amount is negligible anyway. Nobody tips people who say 'busted' in chat, if they did they would be broke within a day.

If admins and mods wanted to clean it up it wouldn't be difficult at all, so they don't really have a problem with it.

I have also seen the other extreme, largely empty sites where the paid staff have to wear different accounts and say random things in chat. Feels really creepy.

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