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Beware of Binary Option scam

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My name is Robertson K. Bell from united kingdom, I am 52, married to a beautiful woman with 2 amazing kids…

I am a business owner and also a financial analyst. I have been active in the stock market and been investing in the trade market from 2004 before I was introduced to binary options and Crypto in 2017, I started trading with Banc De Binary, CoinBull and 24 options.

I was offered a trading account where experts in their field would trade a Managed Account on my behalf and would take 10% of any profits. The minimum investment I made to the Managed Account was £120,000 and after seeing rise to a profit of £380,000, I made another investment of £180,000 to 24 options and £130,000 to CoinBull to access a higher return on my investment.

Unfortunately I was scammed in the process, despite numerous phone calls and mails to their offices, no one has ever responded back. In 2018, I also lost another sum of £120,000 to Birman Law after 6 months of sending mails, I never got my money back and I was asked to make another deposit of £50,000, I became more suspicious and asked for a refund but I never got a refund. In other to make a living for my family I had to help my wife manage one of her stores but everything was beginning to fall apart including my marriage and I just could not sit back and watch everything crumble right in front of me, In December 2018 I contacted an old friend who works in the fraud department in the UK, he referred me to an international recovery firm (www. globalassetrecoup.com) which I believe were God sent to me and my family.

Now I can share my testimony that this company recovered well over 90% of my capital and bonuses, Yes!!! They recovered most of my money within a month from all three companies! I am still in awe!! I had to put this page up to share my experience and warn others not to fall victim of such scam. These dubious people are heartless and they would go any length to rip you off. Ensure you always do your due diligence before making investments! Robertson Bell.

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