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Bitcoin's new year and rise to price wish.

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Well we all expected Bitcoin to rise to at least 30000$ back wgen Bitcoin had hit the huge unbelievable mark of 19000$ and instead the coin had dropped to a whopping 3000$ almost half of the predictions we had expected it to rise to well not half but a less zero from the expected.

Well its a new year and new prediction and new hopes and we all woild have one wish for Bitcoin to rise and what price would you guys want it to be ?

For me , I would personally want it to hit the 7000$ mark for the new year wish and stay there for like 3 months and then start rising. 

What about you guys ?

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i think a reasonable price for bitcoin in short / medium term could be 6500-7500,  probably in longer term, we could se again quotes of 8500-10k usd, but.... by the moment couldnt expect any more... far away of the hot launching of the 19k usd, but markers never knows, but signals seems to say some big boys are exiting

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