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Share Of Prize Pool Giveaway 5

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I read this twice and then the third time to find out how many winners would be chosen. And I am amazed that it's for who ever joins. Everyone is a Winner. That's amazing. And you literally are so Generous. Much appreciated. :)

Thank you so much Db for such awesome giveaways back to back up for grab. 


Stake username, zaynabshah


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Darkblood you are here with those big giveaways nice one :). Why do i have a feeling you are somehow connected with stake owner or you are a part of Stake ? xD Anyhow's goodluck to everyone and hope everyone has a great time. Good luck to all

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firenine qualified.

dionyour disqualified.

nassi qualified.

shaniqua qualified.

Cheetos1337 qualified.

rrahimi008 qualified.

Flansca qualified.

computer qualified.

williamshennie9 qualified.

PARANORMAL qualified.

YuRed qualified.

HighDamage qualified.

Paecga129 qualified.

Pandarian qualified.

yololife222 qualified.

FotisNt qualified.

 kayke94 qualified.

jinz qualified.

Makulet11 qualified.

Philip74 qualified.

ekzxc qualified.

Paigeturner qualified.

gougou qualified.

anonnep qualified.

Alamar qualified.

kohan4k qualified.

meggiemegs qualified.

sichaoeloem qualified.

neich qualified.

zaynabshah qualified.

kyxap qualified.

Lucky221 qualified.

amarcrypto qualified.

jambrong qualified.

Doseupz qualified.

 jkd123 qualified.

Mikehoncho qualified.

Eugene265 qualified.


This is the list of players:

1 disqualified.

37 qualified.

Prize pool to be split: 0.00810500 LTC.






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