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Oops ... Accidentally sent too much

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11 hours ago, FotisNt said:

fuck my life. yesterday it happend to me. ive sent 100k sat instead of 10k :D

he run. 

Ugh really.   Nooo.   I hope they return your funds ASAP.   If not call them out so we know who sucks   

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On 1/5/2019 at 8:35 PM, Paecga129 said:

Has anyone ever sent someone a tip and oops realized they forgot to add a zero and now they have sent 300k satoshi instead of the planned 30k ?    

I have two experiences with this.    The first time I sent ... well ... it has been two months and I still haven’t heard from the person !!!   They are online all the time but never respond to me.   My mistake ...

speaking of mistakes ... the second time was to my dear friend Mistake who sent me back almost immediately without question or hesitation.  


So so I am curious if anyone has any experience with sending too much .... 

 I have often happened like that but fortunately I sent my friend so the excess is returned again

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Hi I'm new here. Well more new in forum than the game chat. Anyhow I agree that if anyone

gets a higher tip by mistake than why not be honest and give back what the Mistaken amt was

to the Tipper. Keeping an honest attitude will go a long way now and in the future. Thx! 😎

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Inadvertently sent coins are very disappointing.

I sent $ 100 instead of $ 10 once and so I lost all my money.

and the person I sent didn't pay me back :/

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