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hmmm this is a interesting topic, feels a little dejavuish =P if ya know wada mean yeh hhehee

but first in order to truly respond accurately... one must clarify which you intended when creating this topic: is fist regarding experiences revolving around gambling in general, or are you specifically referring to experiences revolving around gambling which were legal or inside a casino (either land based, or online)..

you know what i mean?  it seems tho people here have gravitated toward experiences with official gambling establishment, and not their first experience gambling in general.

i apologize for the sentences being not correct grammatically,   lol u guys must think im from zimbabue or smtin jaajaj xxaxa kek ho silver..away!

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First gambling gamemode i saw was maybe crash and coinflips, and my brother got me into gambling and i regret it SOOOO much and i wished i never got into it, im addicted more than ever now but oh well it is what is .....

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