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Staking a word thats wonderful because of the sound since we hear Stake and then it rings a bell of making money. Well people say its too good to be true but its indeed true and its better way you have to invest to get something in return. 

Staking means to buy and store coins in your wallet and unlocking it to Stake it but there is one catch the coins should be matured by an x number of days it can be 15 or 20 days or even more or less. One thing we shoukd remember is that only POS coins are only stakeable. You should just store the coins unlock the wallet for Staking and then based one the amount of coins you are having in your wallet the much sooner you get the reward.

Have you guys ever staked before ? How much have you got and which coin did you Stake ? 

From the exolaination you can know that I used to Stake and the coin I choose was Bro coin.

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10 hours ago, williamshennie9 said:

Is Staking an actual word, or did you make it up? Can't seem to find any information about it on google. :/ 

Yes, staking is an actual word.  PoS in crypto stands for Proof of Stake.  As sort of explained, you get additional coins for keeping them in your wallet.  The block reward is proof of stake rather than proof of work as with Bitcoin and so you get additional coins for having coins.  That is referred to as staking.

I am a Just-Dice fan and when that site switched to Clam I learned a lot about staking.  I've made a lot of additional Clams through staking, though Clam itself has not been a very good coin at all, it has dropped and been delisted from some exchanges.  You need to have a lot of coins in your wallet to make it work, I think most people just left their Clams on JD to stake.

Ethereum is shifting to proof of stake in the future, so I expect A LOT of people are going to learn a lot more about it very quickly!

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