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Sex or gambling?

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I would choose sex, but in the process of gambling I am more attracted to winning and winning. Unless, of course, I am a dominant, I can do without sex. Why these comparisons? Online casino in India http://casinoexpressindia.com has become more interesting to me than just sex. And you can combine business with pleasure))) The game allows you to win up to 500x of the bet, and you can activate 3 times per game - up to 2000x of the bet. You as a man can three times in a row)? I'd like to see what kind of man could give up that kind of effort and choose sex over soccer or vacations without kids or wife)

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Sex without any doubt. Gambling is more like a way to pass time, it may make you happy sometimes when you win, and sad other times when you lose.

Sex is just a human act and it brings pleasure almost every time. I'd give up gambling for the rest of my life if I have to chose between it and sex.

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