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Display bet and balance in USD

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1 hour ago, Aazzah said:

I reckon that they should add this sometime soon. It would be cool if they could add every currency - (GBP, USD, EUR) so and so fourth. It would make life alot easier to then you don't have to convert it to your currency thorugh the bot or google.

i totally agree with azzah i meen adding evevry currency would be sick as fuck

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I dont think making USD or flat currency the main denomination on the site is what is being suggested. I think it would be great if we had an Option to see the current equivalent value of our balance or our bets. 

Stake staff cannot deny the demand for such an option. I mean just look at how immense the use of Chatbot is for seeing the worth of crypto in flat currency or vice versa. Who wouldnt appreciate such a feature! I mean for a time i looked for a site that used bitcoin and had an option to see my bets in flat currency. I was sick of seeing 9 digits in every crypto bet i made. It can be more relaxing and thrilling to see everything in flat every now and then. 

But i just assume they are busy doing other things, and since theres not that big a demand for this ( since we have google.com and chatbot etc ) its probably not even on the to do list at all. 

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