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Plinko Probability Tester

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I love playing keno and found that the best way for me to win some nice multipliers is to put it on high risk and pick my first number. I will play 3 bets and the first number hit on the 3rd round will be my second number picked. Then i play 3more round on 2 numbers. Once again on the 3round i will pick the first number hit. I will to this till i have picked 10 numbers and start the process all overs again. Yesterday i took my 6xrp coupon and turned it in to 100xrp with this system. I hit 350× and 90 times a couple of times and so much more on this system try it and let me know if it works for you.   NB dont change bet amount ply out the 10 numbers make sure you have enough for 30 bets!

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