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The Best Playing Strategy

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These are the simulated strategies that are used:

Strategy A: Bet everything, every time

Bet your entire bankroll on each bet. The advantage is that you get big returns, fast. The downside? As soon as you lose, you’re out of money and out of the game.

Strategy B: Martingale

Bet double your stake after any failed bet, to cover your losses with the next bet’s winnings. This gives a quicker increase than fixed wagers (as you’re doubling up to cover any losses). If you experience sequential losses, however, the required stakes continue to double, and you’ll very soon be betting large amounts to cover your losses.

Strategy C : Fixed wager

Bet a fixed amount for each bet, and don’t vary no matter how much you win. In this example, it was $100. If your chance of winning 55% on a 2.000 bet, this method means you’ve dramatically reduced your chance of losing your entire stake. Unfortunately, it means your winnings are limited to increase in a “slow and steady” fashion.

Strategy D : Proportional betting

Bet a fraction of your bankroll in proportion to your edge. In this simulation, we used the Kelly Criterion formula for proportional sports betting. With this method, your bet should be your edge divided by the odds. In this example, as the edge is 10% and the odds are evens, 10 / 1 is 10.

Therefore 10% of the $1000 wallet should be bet: $100. Should that bet be successful, the next bet would increase to $110, 10% of the new $1100 wallet. This means winnings increase quicker than in the fixed-wager system, and losses slow down.

Strategy E: Fibonacci

Increase your stake in a Fibonacci sequence, to your losses with the next bet’s winnings. This method has similar drawbacks to Martingale method in sports betting, but it reduces how quickly the stake increases if you’re on a losing streak (and therefore also reduces the rate at which you win).


Below is the profit statistics of each strategy:


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lol.. the first one isnt even a strategy.. thats just plainly asking to bust.. You can all in ofcourse and win big.. but betting all in every bet??? that is just plain dumb.. you cant expect to win every bet.. getting two greens in a row has become difficult nowadays... u may win all in a few times.. but you will bust 100 percent guaranteed if you bet like this.. smh.. martingale is a strat that makes more sense.. it could work on almost every game.. the only downfall is when you use this strat for too long.. eventually the system will bust you with its anti martingale algorithym. Fixed bets same as martingale.. it will only work for a period of time and eventually you will hit streams of reds that will eat up your whole balance. Slow or fast, eventually you will bust. The system is programmed to do that. Learn your habits. Betting patterns, when you all in ect. No strat is safe. The best way is to yolo and confuse the system. Break your patterns from time to time and hope when you all in that it will be green. xD

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On 1/17/2019 at 5:48 AM, williamshennie9 said:

I've lost so much money with this. Even if you double your money in the short term, doubling bets on a loss will make you bust in the long run :(

yuppers, 100%.. it may work for a short time, but in the long run when you reach that long stretch of running reds, you will end up doubling to your doom.. had this happen alot on dice and keno.. ive had good wins using this method, but just as many bad beats as well.. xD

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As the graph has A as the best option, I do prefer it much more from other strategies while you never know how much ull win. Also martingale would be a huge mistake with a single bankroll like most players have. I would also like to practice Fibonacci while I haven't try it yet. Anyways I suggest you prefering A aswel while you are taking the same risk with the other strategies having even more profits.

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I do actually something like a martingale at 1,11x using auto. 11.1 on both win/loss, 111 as a base bet and stop on 1.0 profit. That works with a bankroll of 3.0 of any coin with a percentage of 80% which is actually way to good to multiplie a deposit once you run it 1 to 3 times. Check this out with doge, I'm sure that you're gonna love it.

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Martingale is a straight up fail. Always. Unless your starting bet is 5000 sats and your balance is 5 btc. You're going to lose. (Obviously exaggerating). But realistically, no one makes a lot of money using martingale in the long term.

A core principle on which Stake and any crypto casino are based is that the game is trying to balance constantly the RTP and the Investors EV it wont let either stray too far from the expected returns if the investors EV is up then the game will rebalance in the players favour. If the RTP is too high the game rebalances in the Investors favour that for me is a core aspect on which I play,

Whether its true or not I accept it as true because it helps me win.

Players argue over what is true or not true in the way the game operates. For me the only relevant shared truth is did the game take my money or did I take its money.

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