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[Closed] Create a Stake or Crypto Meme and Win!

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1. eldrindcm

2. CaptainLorca

3. Caroll


Click here to claim your prizes!


Thanks to @Bojana and @Mirela for helping pick the winners!


We all laugh at the funny pictures and memes we come across on the internet but have you ever created one of your own? This giveaway is going to be all about who can create the funniest Stake or crypto meme!


🏆 Prizes for the funniest memes! 🏆

1st - $50

2nd - $25

3rd - $10

3+ pictures - $1



  • All memes/pictures must be Stake or crypto related.
  • If using already popular pictures you must create original captions.
  • You are allowed to submit 5 pictures maximum. Gifs are okay to post.
  • Keep all pictures in 1 post. If you come up with a great idea later on edit your original post.
  • 10+ post count to enter.
  • 1 entry per household.
  • Have fun and be creative! Make everyone laugh!


More info

  • If you submit at least 3 pictures you will automatically win the "3+ pictures" prize!
  • The top funniest memes will be chosen in 2 weeks!

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