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i was playing my keno game like every other staker,

and the coin was going up and down like the bar chat of the Forex trade.

i never worried about any of this but when it began to act funny by giving me some numbers that looks like my nursery school days.

i was seeing my coin keep going down from 0.0025250 till it get finally to the point i known this is my lesson for the days 0.0001234☹️

this is funny and i need to take then pics. share it with you all because i learnt my lesson. what have you learnt today?


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Well, sorry for your loss, however it's not a big loss so you'll get over it soon i guess. What I've learned today is to stop betting amounts that you need for your personal needs like food or debs. Also I've learned that its a common and a huge mistake to give loans at people you don't even know in the internet, more specific at stake. Since i did avoid those mistakes, i can definitely say that I'm losing way less bets and money. i suggest you following the same, unless you already do. Best of luck!! 

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