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Plinko 2.0 - (Highest Payouts) (Information)

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Hello everyone, so today Stake went down for about 10 minutes and came back with a new update, now instead of receiving 0.20x red, you will now receive no payouts, however, they have revised the Payouts as according:

  • (Low 8: 10x) (Medium 8: 22x) (High 8: 50x)
  • (Low 9: 25x) (Medium 9: 50x) (High 9: 91x)
  • (Low 10: 36x) (Medium 10: 92x) (High 10: 200x)
  • (Low 11: 68x) (Medium 11: 200x) (High 11: 348x)
  • (Low 12: 85x) (Medium 12: 260x) (High 12: 370x)
  • (Low 13: 90x) (Medium 13: 300x) (High 13: 400x)
  • (Low 14: 90x) (Medium 14: 460x) (High 14: 745x)
  • (Low 15: 280x) (Medium 15: 536x) (High 15: 1000x)
  • (Low 16: 500x) (Medium 16: 1000x) (High 16: 5000x)

Hopefully the highest payout information helps everyone to find out a lot quicker.

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today very hard before change my highest win at 26x and  1000x i get twice at 2,5doge and 0.012doge , but today try use 200doge my high hit only 10x and play base 0.1 only 10minutes busted ,

i,m only small player play for fun and spend time..

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Ah. I didn't notice that all the payouts had been altered, I had just noticed that there was a new max. 0.0 ? fuck, guys. you are breaking my balls. xD Plink0.0x I suppose it will be interesting to see the new bets, and huge payouts that I will likely never experience. lolz
A new binomial expansion set would be appreciated. What is the Win% of the 5000x win?

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Well i got the information of the new multiplier that is 5000x on Plinko from Julaid but anyhow thanks for the information since it will inform other members too ! So excited to see that Stake has implemented higher payouts like these. 

Hopefully they bring much much higher payouts which are more than 5000x . GoodLuck to all those who will be trying to hit this multiplier onwards ! 

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