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[Closed] 5000x Plinko?!

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New Plinko payouts are here! You thought 1000x was a big win but how about the new 5000x? 😉 This giveaway is going to be based on Plinko 16 pins with the high risk multiplier. Hitting 0x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 30x, 139x or 5000x with a bet size of at least $1 in any currency will win you a prize! 


🏆 Plinko Prizes 🏆

5000x - $250 (1/1 winner)

139x - $25 (2/2 winners)

30x - $10 (3/3 winners)

10x - $5 (4/4 winners)

4x -$3 (5/5 winners)

2x - $2 (6/6 winners)

0x - $1 (7/7 winners)


Plinko Giveaway Rules

  • Must be playing on 16 pins high risk multiplier
  • Your bet must be equivalent to $1 or more
  • 1 win per multiplier and 1 win per person on anything below 30x
  • Post your Bet ID when you qualify for a prize  
  • Post count of 10


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