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So new update brings out the new payouts for each pins and difficulty.. And the now biggest multiplier for Plinko, the 5000x multipler! So far i havent had any luck even hitting it, given its only been out for a short time! So far, i only know of Laura hitting it (grats chika).. I havent even hit 139 yet, but i am still optimistic and hopeful of hitting it. Hopefully this time around, it wont take months like it did for me to hit the 1000x.. But even the low pins now have great payouts that are easier to hit! The 0.0x that replaces 0.2x is a hindrance and makes it even more difficult to go higher in pins,  but i still believe the big payouts thats now implemented is worth it when it hits! What do you all think?

 Good luck everyone! 

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The new updates is good and seems nice.  The huge multipliers will help us to win a lot as well as make is loose a lot.  5000x will be very hard to hit now. It's like it has the probability of 1000x before. 

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