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Ready Made ICO Dashboard scripts

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Best Platform for Launching an ICO. Our expertise in ICO development is uncanny. We provide tailored solutions for the launch of your ICO. Our customary approach to the design makes your business one of a kind. For your Ready Made ICO Dashboard please visit: https://www.blockchainfirm.io/best-platforms-for-launching-an-ico 


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Before you buy the ICO dashboard script check these features:

  1. Fully adaptable interface (subject, text styles, hues, logo, domain, enlistment structure)
  2. You can perceive what number of financial specialists have upheld your ICO, how much cash is presently gathered and what cryptographic forms of money were given
  3. API for information exchange to the site or somewhere else
  4. Personal bureau for the ICO is converted into 10 languages
  5. Widget with courses (continuously, the financial specialist can perceive what number of tokens he will purchase at his own cash)
  6. Bonus framework (charge rewards relying upon the volume or date of procurement)
  7. Referral program
  8. Configured cryptoprocessing
  9. A solid and experienced smart contract. Customization of the smart contract can be requested
  10. Three dimensions of security. The organization's tokens are completely constrained by the Issuer
  11. Completely redo and send cold stockpiling wallets on the Issuer's side
  12. The possibility of getting 10 Crypto-monetary standards (BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR, DASH, BCC (Bitcoin Cash), B2B, ETC, NEM, NEO) and any ERC 20 tokens
  13. Integration with many PSP's for gaining/bank cards preparing
  14. A possibility of keeping cash through a bank individually

Check the website https://www.icoclone.com/ for more information.

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 Launch your Best ICO or STO in 1 week with our advance ready to deploy sto and ico dashboard software. Buy sto or ico dashboard script to raise fund legally in all country.  Our white label ico dashboard platform can be customized according to your crowdfunding process.


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