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With the release of the latest forum theme, a dark-themed based on what will Stake 2.0 will look like, is the more convenient way to access the Forum Rewards (known as "Pay Per Post" before) page when browsing the forum using your mobile phones. This is one of the most suggested feature to be added on the mobile version of the Forum. If you need to enable Desktop site mode before, you're three clicks away now. How?


1. Click the Menu on the upper right corner


2. Click "Account"


3. Click "Forum Rewards"



From there, you can now see your available balance even you are browsing with your mobile phone.



You can transfer to your Stake account or to other members, or check your transaction history by clicking the arrow beside your available Satoshi.


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Wanted to leave my own feedback as not been a big Mobile user for the Internet access but just for phone calls and messages :P

I was checking it out right now and looks great so far, thanks for this information as it is not so clear since Mobile screen is smaller then computers of course (till they make a computer screen for IPhone / IPad? xD)

Nevertheless i do like the Black with the White colors as vs colorblinders would be difficult to see such menu option if colors would be too close to each other such as Purple and Red.

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