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Airdrop News: Get 130 XLM ~ 13$ every months !

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Good days. Welcome to Stellar airdrop for only Desktop wallet 

We are glad to present you a new project created by our team for the distribution of XLM Coins for using the "Desktop Wallet Stellar" which means that using the official software of the Stellar wallet you will receive 130 XLM monthly.

All you need to do to participate in this distribution is to go to the registration form:


After you install a new wallet on your device and send it in the form of your Public Key.

Thank you for supporting our project. Good luck to you in 2019

Stellar Official Company (c) !

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thank you to you for the presentatio but for us to see me, I try this product or site, it will have to give us some real and palpable proofs that will allow us to go to you but it is not the case ...


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I do not know about others, Keno and Mina give me I will not say that they are big, but very often above the average! And knocking the maximum X is always difficult! If it were easy - the casino would have been ruined long ago!)))))

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