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What is the meaning of life explained maths?

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life is a number 10, God is number one your family is number 2, your girlfriends or wife  is number 3, number 4-8 is your friends and niegbor and 9 is your enemy and number 10 is you you want to now why? because you always hate your self and you are crazy and all thing is based on your own mind setting you want yourself to do whant ever you want to do without any ones good opinion and try it with the (y=mx+b)  y = is God m= family x = wife b= you

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lol.. the answer to life is 42.. thats all you need to know about life.. so remember it, weite it down, take a picture.. but always remember that the answer to life is simply 42.. it will guide you throughtout the galaxy.. lel xD

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