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1. A box of condoms, please. That’ll be 3,99. Do you want a bag with it? Nah I’m OK. She’s actually quite pretty.



2. Where exactly are you taking me, doctor?" "To the morgue." "What? But I’m not dead yet!" "And we’re not there yet."

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It's best to keep jokes in one thread to avoid spamming here, I've checked your jokes and they are somewhat humorous but please don't make so many threads. This makes it time consuming for us to look at them whilst the moderators will also be questioning this spam.


Please look at Rule 2.) "Spam will not be tolerated - meaningless posts that do not carry semantic value and are not related to the meaning of the topic in which they are posted, will be deleted, and the user will receive a warning." 





Please keep it in one place.


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On 2/15/2019 at 8:21 AM, wilbur said:

@nuuuitsjdragon I almost laughed nice


Here's another

What do you call a doge coin when it will inflate over time?


LOL. I must admit I wasn’t very quick... it took me a brief moment before it sank in.

Let’s see if we can continue this trend.

Name the suspicious cryptocurrency wearing full black clothing + sunglasses & always slinking around corners at night?

A: Do-ge (Dodgy) coin


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HAHAHA i laughed there three times

Okay here

What's the favorite music of doge coin holders?

Answer: Teach me how to dogey


Teach me how to dogey, teach me teach me how to dogey!

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A robber was robbing a house when he heard a voice. "Jesus is watching you!" "who's there?" The robber said But no sound was heard. So he kept going and he heard it two more times when he spotted a parrot. "What's your name," the robber asked. "Cocodora" said the parrot. "Now, what kind of idiot would name a bird Cocodora" said the robber. "The same idiot who named the rotweiler Jesus", said the parrot.

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