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Funny Jokes #1

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Two men chatting in a bar for a beer:
- Imagine, I'm coming home from a business trip suddenly. And immediately to the closet - there is empty, under the bed - and there is empty, in the refrigerator - there is also empty.
“Listen, what is your wife saying?”
- I do not have a wife. My apartment was robbed.

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A man asks the bartender:

- What is included in the cocktail?  

- Sugar, milk and rum.  “Well, and how does it taste?”

 - well!  Sugar is power, milk is energy!  - Well, what about rum?

 - And rum - these are thoughts where to apply force and energy.

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A young guy in a cafe drinks coffee and looks at a beautiful girl at a nearby table.  Finally she decides to approach: “Girl, can I sit down with you?”  The girl as she speaks at the whole cafe: ... - Yes, I won’t sleep with you!  People turn around and smile.  The guy, blushing, returns to his table.  Then the same girl sits down to him.  - You, of course, excuse me, but the fact is that I am a psychologist and I am writing a dissertation on the topic “Behavior of different types of people in inappropriate situations.”  The guy, all of a sudden, at the whole cafe: - WHAT ?!  TWO BUCKS ?!  !  ?  The girl runs out into the street.  The guy calmly gathers, leaves, walks up to her and says: “Very nice, I'm a lawyer, and I know how to make people feel guilty ...”

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