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[Closed] Be my Valentine giveaway!

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Read before claiming prize!

I decided to let people who edited their post still win as long as they weren't changing the person they tagged. I let it slide this once because it created new winners without making people who followed the rules lose.

Click here: https://stake.com/?coupon=valentinesday


💝 Happy Valentine's Day! 💝

Is there someone special out there on Stake.com that you love as a friend, maybe more? 

Someone just came to mind when you read this! 😉


💗 Tag someone and tell them why you choose them to be your Stake Valentine 💗

If they tag you back and say why they accept then it's official!

If 2 people tag each other they become Stake Valentines and both win .0006 BTC each!





  • You are allowed 1 post on this thread
  • Edited posts are disqualified
  • Both people must have 20 post count or higher to win
  • The tag must be clickable. Example: @Steve
  • If tagging you must say why you tagged this person
  • If tagged you must say why you accept the offer (no saying for money)
  • This thread will be locked in 24 hours

Remember you're only allowed 1 post! So now the question is to tag or wait to be tagged. If you wait to be tagged you can use your post for a guaranteed prize, I mean Valentine because finding a Valentine is the main concern here right? The problem there is you risk never being tagged. If you decide to use your post to initiate maybe your courage will win over your potential Stake Valentine and they'll show the love back!

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I'm not homosexual, neither am I homophobic hahah!

@BLXN big brother you've guided me through so much! Its unbelievable. You've instilled curiosity in me, at a magnitude that belittles what I had before I met you on Stake :D

Love you brother ❤️

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