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I use to like the viper because it was the fastest american car on the consumer market so you could drive legally on the public highway without getting a ticket.

|But now I am liking the mercedes because it is nice to drive around and not so attractive to car thieves. ;D

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It's my favourite model range rover because that car have good condition with rain and big luggage.

That car looks very nice.


It's my favourite too - model porsche. It's cool car.

Regards! :)

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I am one of those old souls that likes old stuff, to me the best car that matches what I am and what I like to do, as I am a flyfisherman and camping guy, is a Land Rover Defender 1968 model, the one with the extra wheel on the top of car chest.  That is a machine that will last for hundred years, full of history and story makers when you are in the outdoors looking for the perfect sight and the tropy fish.  That is my car. 

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I agree with you

1 hour ago, octopupus said:

Hachi Roku (Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE 86). Truly a legendary car. But it's really rare outside of japan. Right now I drive my AE 85 but it's really great too!



On 5/27/2019 at 3:42 PM, Dracos said:

my favorite :)


I agree with you, 

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