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Big Math Mistery

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You want to buy something for $ 97, but you're a student and you have no money.
You borrow from both parents for $ 50
You buy this thing, and they give you $ 3.
Now you payback $1 to your mother , $1 to your father , and for you remains $1.
When you go home get one calc to calculate the remaining debt:
$49mom+$49dad+$1me = $99 ,
But what happend: I get $100 loan, but should payback $99
Where this $1 disappeared ?????

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Okay im asian and im supposed to be good in math so here is my solution. This is called the Wilbur Reverse Calculation

Okay so you got 100 already right? 

Subtract- 97

Subtract- 1 (you gave it to mom)

Subtract- 1 (you gave it to dad)

Subtract- 1 (you have it)


100-97-1-1-1= 0

You have the 1$

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