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RAKETDITO - Kumita ng Pera Agad!

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Hello PH,

May share lang akong bago ko na nakita. Wala namang mawawala kung ating susubukan.

I'm giving you free P50 starting bonus on RaketDito.com, a place where you can earn in many ways using only a Cellphone or Computer. No registration fee or investment. Absolutely FREE!

1.) Passive Income - Mining Cryptocurrency 
2.) Active Income - Answer quick Surveys 
3.) Bonus - Play a Game 

All in one place!

Use this link to Claim your P50 once you signup for FREE:

Clean link:


ref link: 



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Tsaka ano mode of payment nila dito?

dati kasi nung nagtry ako ng mga ganito, 1000 captcha for 50 php ata, nakakaumay sobra 100 palang ako umay na haha parang lakas kasi makasayang ng oras nito at effort.

dito ba same concept din? 

wc back nga pala, ang alam ko dati VIP member ka ata o valued member? bakit nawala na? 

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