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Keno risk level of choice?

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37 minutes ago, Paecga129 said:

Hmmm classic is the worst huh ???   I am going to have to try it sometime and see.   I never would have guessed classic would be the worst as in the old version of Stake it wasn’t that bad.   Hmmm

Well I haven't played classic that much, but for the time I played it seems that classic and low have almost the same payouts but low has the extra advantage if you by chance hit 9/10 or 10/10 whereas in classic you'd only get 80x and 100x :P 

I have gotten around quite a few 500x's on medium and high, but if it was classic it'll be considerably low. Classic and low can be used for safer bets, but I prefer low if by chance I do hit almost all tiles or all, I won't start regretting using classic over low xD 

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I prefer Classic, Low or Med, I never do high, well unless I'm playing for fun and not satoshis since that gives me joy to hit a huge multiplier, which your feel the good feeling too after you hit something big I assume. So in my opinion it's your choice either you want to have fun or build up your balance, just keno is a very risky way to top up your balance, not gonna lie even though you would play at a classic, low risk, you would probably end up busting all of your sats, just because keno is unpredictable even at very low percentages and I've seen streamers bust so quickly when they played keno, so be careful when doing this choice between games.

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