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Which coins are you invested in?


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Hello Stakers,

Since the early days when crypto coins were only few existed, today there are literally tons of different in existence.. some well known, some has not yet made it to mainstream.. From all the coins that are now available out there, what would be the ones worth investing in?.. Do you always keep an eye on new upcoming coinsin order to make an investment early in hopes for huge profit in case it explodes upward in value?.. I heard that when bitcoin first came out, the price to buy 1 whole coin was around 50 cents?.. If that is ndeed the truth, anyone who were around in the early stages and have invested a few hundred dollars, those people if they kept their investment up to when btc hit its highest value, would have been or are now multi millionaires xD.. Do you think any other crypto in existence at the present time would ever hit as high as bitcoin?.. Would it be possible for it to happem again if a new coin is created by a well known business persay?.. I have tried to research and keep an eye on a few coins and upcoming ones with that hope in mind.. but ill be honest, there are just way to many coins in circulation, that it gets really overwhemling trying to keep tabs of them all or even a few.. but having to keep up to date and in the know is important if we wish to find that miracle invesment that could potentially make us millions (lol wishful thinking).. 

So far, ive just been investing in Ltc,  Eth, Dash and started collecting BAT (Basic Attention Token) introduced with the Brave browser.. 

What are you invested in?..Are you always looking for the new upcoming coin that could make you millions?.. (or a good profitable sum anyway hahaha)..


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well i have to rebuild my btc amount..to start trading again.. before i arrive at stake i was trading for good minute..slowly im seeing eth and bch rising a little bit but not quite yet ready to invest in those..ltc is building up a little and i have been using it.. so surely i might start trading that as well.. but new coins are forming and hitting the trade blocks...might just invest what i have to a new coin? to early..

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18 minutes ago, davinmark said:

im still invested in BTC and XRP . i dont know why but i think the price will rising up soon in this year

hope it will be comes true


Hopefully this year many coins will enter the exhanger, because to be honest, I am still an allcoin seeker from Airdrop, there are around 100 ++ coins that have not entered the market. 😋

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I invested in ETH and currently I am on loss (bought it somewhere in 28k php price, look at its price now 😂). I hope the market price go high again soon.

I participated in the ICO of Loyalcoin, got back the money I used in the ICO after couple of months and still have 30k LYL on hold.

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On 3/8/2019 at 2:17 PM, banana2018 said:

Ravencoin. It's doing great last days. And it's full in development cause it's open source. It wen't from 300 satoshi's to 900+ satoshi in a week.

ah never heard of it but will check it out.. thanks!

On 3/9/2019 at 12:32 AM, davinmark said:

im still invested in BTC and XRP . i dont know why but i think the price will rising up soon in this year

hope it will be comes true

i started too late to really get into investing into btc.. too expensive to get a coin.. itd be risky for a late starter..


On 3/9/2019 at 3:09 AM, Kate said:

I have invested currently in ethereum and litecoin and planning to invest more in ethereum if I have a good feeling about it.

yeah ltc is what ive leaned on..


On 3/9/2019 at 3:20 AM, StoneDragon said:

I invest eos btc ripple tron x0 bat and etn seems future

yeah im seeing ripple currency alot in many sites.. its gaining quick popularity as the main coins..

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On 3/9/2019 at 4:28 AM, Shaniqua said:

at the moment, actually since all time... i have no money invested in any coin, thus im not an investor.. i would love to be but i cant even fill gas in the tank of my car, let alone invest on crypto! lols 

ufff nothing has changes since then and now.... 2 months its been .... damn this must be a sign that im doing somethign very very wrong with the way  i handle my finances..... im very thankufl i  saw this post and thread again, as it was an eyeopener for me... 


1 hour ago, HumberRolls said:

I prefer to invest Monero I like that coin and I'll see if I can and achieve some profit

i hear mixed things about monero :o

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I ussually dont like to invest cuse you newer know what will hapen to the cryto coin you invest in. Some times when i Invest i choose btc,bch or eth cuse thoise prices are the only ones which can wrlly rise up.I wish i bought the btc when it was 5$like ten of those and forgot about them and 4 years later find out i hawe 80,000$ :D hehehe.

Yololife222 ❤️ #StakeForLife

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Ok so since now bitcoin has dropped from 9100 usd i have bought some new coins from Binance but i guess it might be a good investment for now. I have bought some stellar lumens and also some XMR cause i had sold my XMR before when bitcoin was rising.

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