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Which coins are you invested in?

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In choosing coins for investment we must always be more careful, choose coins with high popularity and also with high volume. I choose with these criteria in order to make a profit easily, now I focus on investing in coins BNB, LTC, ETH, XRP and XLM.

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I originally trade forex and I still do. I've been trading crypto for a year now and been learning it by heart. Of course I've been beaten up here and there. Slowly I managed to got back up, this time with trading bitcoin & alt coins on perpetual contracts and TUSD-settled all on leverage. I think the key is finding the right place to trade. It should support whatever factors you are looking for in order to trade. I can say I am lucky I am one of those who found the right place. Plus bearing in mind to go with the trend as you buy low and sell high! Happy trading! 

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Currently i am now invested in ethereum because the price of ethereum nowadays... A lot of eth miners are hopefully said that eth price will be great in 2020 so i am now hold eth though now it's not showing something great move because of this present world situation..

The reason of invest on eth is quite pointable like you can see the speed of transaction of eth,the fee low..so i am going to invest more eth..

I am also looking for xrp as people say it price going to be high day by day..

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Apart from the obvious BTC and ETH ofcourse ... 

I'm invested in Travala ($AVA) and Idena ($DNA) microcap gems! Both of great - awesome working product, thriving community, great UX. 

Idena is completely open-source and Travala has one of the best tokenomics in the crypto world today. And with their current price - the only way is up. 

Point to note here: Both of them did not go through the 2017 hype so they are not the typical altcoin like XRP which lost more than 90% of its market value and continues to bleed. 


On 5/22/2020 at 5:14 AM, vEwYvEwYqUiEt. said:

ETH for ETH 2.0 Proof of stake

BTC bitcoin halving scarcity/bitcoin etf possibility

BNB as I use Binance exchange anyways so do many who have alt coins.

love BNB. ofcourse great potential as Binance ecosystem continues to grow.

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