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Which coins are you invested in?


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I originally trade forex and I still do. I've been trading crypto for a year now and been learning it by heart. Of course I've been beaten up here and there. Slowly I managed to got back up, this time with trading bitcoin & alt coins on perpetual contracts and TUSD-settled all on leverage. I think the key is finding the right place to trade. It should support whatever factors you are looking for in order to trade. I can say I am lucky I am one of those who found the right place. Plus bearing in mind to go with the trend as you buy low and sell high! Happy trading! 

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Apart from the obvious BTC and ETH ofcourse ... 

I'm invested in Travala ($AVA) and Idena ($DNA) microcap gems! Both of great - awesome working product, thriving community, great UX. 

Idena is completely open-source and Travala has one of the best tokenomics in the crypto world today. And with their current price - the only way is up. 

Point to note here: Both of them did not go through the 2017 hype so they are not the typical altcoin like XRP which lost more than 90% of its market value and continues to bleed. 


On 5/22/2020 at 5:14 AM, vEwYvEwYqUiEt. said:

ETH for ETH 2.0 Proof of stake

BTC bitcoin halving scarcity/bitcoin etf possibility

BNB as I use Binance exchange anyways so do many who have alt coins.

love BNB. ofcourse great potential as Binance ecosystem continues to grow.

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I don`t think that any existig cryptocurrency can repeat Bitcoin success and make their holders multi millionaires, but there are always some projects which just can give good profit to token holders. I would like to mark projects which have Binance support and projects which are participating in IEOs on Binance launchpad. They delight own buyers very often. 

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