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Brave browser and how to withdraw BAT tokens.

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Few weeks ago i've spotted a topic here on forum about Brave browser,  it quickly cought my eye for as "free tokens" via https://www.coinbase.com/earn so i decided to give it a go..
I searched on youtube how to do it but when 99 % of the guys that figured that out are indians, and i dont understand a thing i decided that its time to find out how its done, now i've decided to share it to you if you're also struggling with same things. 
I will post few links in the bottom if you're interested in that check it out. But for the meaning of this topic i have prepared a short guide how to withdraw all the coins that you earned from enabling Brave rewards (which are basically free tokens earned by viewing ads, or getting them just randomly ) 

1. You need brave browser. Here is the link to download it -> https://brave.com/mrm677 ( Yes its my promo link, and if you're up for using it thank you in advance, and maybe both of us can get some more tokens. 

2. Now when you have downloaded it, installed, you have to enable brave rewards. You can do it in top right screen usually when your extensions are showing, it is a Red, purple, pink something, triangle. Click on it and you have brave rewards enabled.. 
Surfing the web, winning sick multipliers, watching top 10 fails, chatting on facebook, everything you do you should get a captcha for that free 5 $ BAT. When you prove to the site that you're not a bot it should show up on your balance. 

3. Now to be able to withdraw this free tokens, you need to become a creator. As i've checked in terms, basically anyone that has any social media can become one . You would need at least YOUTUBE ACCOUNT  to be able to become one. You go to  this link here --> https://brave.com/creators/ Create an account, verify e-mail, and also then link your social profile account. 1-2-3 you're done. 

4. From there you need to confirm few things in creators tab. And head to https://uphold.com/ , create account, confirm it, and from  brave.com/creators window, link your uphold wallet to brave - creators wallet. Also you would need to enable a new wallet which just takes one click and you have it. 

5. Now you should wait few minutes that  you get your documents verified on uphold.  ( it took me few minutes and everything was confirmed )  

6. After you get everything confirmed, now its time to head to your youtube channel or anything that you linked. mess up there untill it shows you that you're verified creator. Tip yourself all of the tokens , and you have it withdrawn. If you dont like to use uphold to store your crypto you can transfer your earned tokens to Coinbase ( I've done that) or any other BAT wallet. But i didnt test it. 

Ohh and if you're so far at the end say hello to https://www.coinbase.com/earn and watching 3 videos, typing link in brave browser and you earn another 10 $ , so 15 dollars for free in tokens , for about half an hour of work including waiting for confirmations i think its not that bad. 

There you go, this is how you can withdraw all the tokens. 

If you're interested in my opinion why i do use brave.  Well one thing is, actually is quicker than chrome / opera, doesnt take that much RAM, it automatically has adblock implemented ( Except the adds that you view that pay you the tokens ), Simple importing of everything that you have in chrome browser,  and some subjective opinion, like the views, icons, layout etc. which may not be so appealing for you. 

If you are using Brave type down in a comment below.

Have a good day and good luck. Brainy

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Ahhhhh! Awesome buddy! Thanks, i have been at a lost in finding out how to do these.. whenever i tried to google it, it just kept brng me to the old airdrop page which does absoluetly nothing.. lol.. been trying to find out how to earn BAT browsing with brave, cause ive been using it, and so far i dont even know if i have been earning or not!.. cheers! you saved me from more frustration and inevitable headaches that comes with it.. xD

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Oh thanks for the information. I seriously didn't know how to use it because I didn't know you had to be a creator lol xD

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