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Rhyme game!!

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Rules: just post a new word that rhymes with the previous post's word. The words must rhyme!

the words must be words english words, not names. but names of countries are okay (not cities however).

if there are three posts by three different users in a row who "vote to change" the last word used due to nobody coming up with a rhyming word then the following user (after the 3rd vote) can pick a new word. 

No repeating the words from the one before the last post (don't start a loop). Using words that have been used in the post (not including the last two posts) is not against the rules but highly discouraged. 

BONUS POINTS: You get super points for coming up with  a rhyming word that begins with the last letter  of the word in the previous post. This is not always possible so dont think way too hard on this matter. 

The idea is to keep it going as long as we can with using as many different words as possible, so the point isnt to stump the following user, but to give them a stepping stone! Team work lets do it! Funny word combinations that rhyme also gets you bonus points!

im looking forward to this as I havent seen any new games in a while 😃

Okay guys here we go I will start it off. The first word is under the line below! gogogo!


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