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5 minutes ago, yololife222 said:

well dice fuked me ower like many times like for example i did all in 0.27 bch for 1.05x under and i riped.

i think i might try limbo the same and if it works i will moove on to limbo and leav dice allone hate that game mod :D .

Me too haha. I busted 1.35 ltc just for 1.03x multiplier on dice :( 

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40 minutes ago, ozcelik06 said:

Dice good. Because if u play in limbo 1.1x u can hunt only >10. so only won if u over 10. But in dice u can select under <10. Limbo only have one side payout. Thats the point. If u hunt in limbo 99x u need to find 99 over. You cannot choice under 1. So dice better than limbo.

Love ur opinion ! xD

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Me too haha. I busted 1.35 ltc just for 1.03x multiplier on dice  

"You should using more probable multipliers with low bet's value," they always said me. But I didn't listen to anyone and constantly lost my balance:D

But if you have winned 9900x in Dice, all the advices immediately fall awayB| There is a Casino;)


Ussually I use Limbo for catching 100000x))) But nothing any profit by this day. But in Hash we Trust)))

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