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What do you do when you have zero balance?

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Chat is always fun for when u got zero balance, chat drinking, chatting to lovely supers (all supers are lovely!) and mods (99.9999% mods are awesome :P) , and drinking and listening youtube, and chatting with taytots about the world, and listening music with bobdole, and getting drunk with db and polor,kix,kata, messing with faris, getting trolled by blueprints, flirting with pae, and page, and irawek01 (where da hell has she been!) and girl supers, all these things are fun to do when balance is zero

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15 hours ago, FotisNt said:

The chat is the best way to get rid of your time which u got to much. :D

in the end -> youtube

yes i agree... great idea i think, most avalaible way to catch some free coin or youtube will kill your boring time :D

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Zero balance....that is the all gamblers nightmare!  Forum + tips is what I use the most to solve that zero balance, which I would say that is very rare to have all my coins in zero, at least one has balance, minimum but with some satoshis to gamble.  Good luck.

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