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What do you do when you have zero balance?

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I tend to always keep a little doge in my vault or in my balance so that when I rip everything else I can still play around on a smaller scale.

That's why I have made almost 1.1m bets with doge in the month that I've been active on stake! 

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When I have zero balance I get off stake. There's no point being on here if you aren't gambling. The less your balance is, the less fun you have lol. It really is like that. Yeah you could chat, but most people in the chat aren't interesting to converse with...You could try and catch rain, but it's literally nothing. Take some time off, and decide when you want to deposit next. I don't deposit more than once in a day, because normally that second deposit is done to recover the first one and that leads to a downward spiral.

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