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Did you profit with Stake's coupon?

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I have yet to profit from a coupon given to me by stake. Part of that is my own bad luck the other part is that they just don't give them out very often.

I don't think they should base who gets the coupon on who's online at a given moment, that would suck for those who are frequent players that wouldn't get it. It should be based on perhaps if you've  logged on in a given month and the amount you've wagered. Part of that is already the case as players get different amounts in the coupons.

I haven't ever straight withdrawn a bonus because it's never really that much and by the time you convert it and pay whatever fees to get real cash it will be even less. Besides I want to make a big score!

I'm not sure what you mean in terms of misuse. If you're hard up for cash I don't see any problem with withdrawing straight away. But I agree that players who hardly wager shouldn't get as much as those who have been here a while and wager much more.

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On 4/16/2019 at 12:33 AM, Sped said:

No I didnt because I didnt get the coupon lol

Well your just new that's why. Just be active player on Stake and you would probably get one soon enough , they send coupons regularly every month so maybe you might get one soon. 

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2 hours ago, bebe1897 said:

How to receive coupon from email? my email is not have any coupon from stake

Always be sure that you have confirmed your stake email so that they are sure that they are sending to a confirmed account. If you don't confirm your email then you will not get any coupons. 

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