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What is Initial Coin Offering? How it is helping the business?

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Hey Hi!

Before knowing what an ICO is, you need to know what is a token!

Tokens are the assets which are not limited to a particular role and which can fulfill a lot of roles in the crypto industry!

These tokens are given to the traders during the public sale which is called Initial Coin Offering.

So coming to your question, ICO’s are the cryptocurrency version of crowdfunding and fund-raising.

They have come up with rich benefits such as:

  • Providing the simplest path through which DAPP developers can get the required funding for the project.
  • Whoever it may be, if you are interested in ICO you can do it by purchasing the tokens of the corresponding DAPP and become a part of the project.

It can help you in many ways with decentralization and feasibility to be the primary factors!

If you require one, I would highly suggest going with Icoclone who have global expertise in the crypto market.

Besides their services in ICO, they provide worthwhile services in other Blockchain development as well!

Hope this has helped you!

If you need any help to launch an ICO, ping in a telegram: coinzclone 

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