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Make it Rain! Giveaway!

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Claim your prizes here! https://stake.com/?coupon=rainGW27032019


1st - skywallkee

2nd - EpicGord

3rd - Cheetos1337

& a 4th :) - blueprints

 Make it Rain! 

How to win

Everyone's favourite feature in chat always seems to be the rain bot. Now it's time for YOU to be the one making it rain on your fellow Stakers! Make it rain in chat and the top 3 rains will win! Take a screenshot of the chat when you make it rain and post it below! This means for the duration of the giveaway being active in chat will be even more rewarding than it already is! 


How winners will be chosen

The winners will be the top 3 rain pictures posted based on value in USD. As with the last giveaway this thread is going to lock at a random time. However, this time I'm going to help you out a little and let you all know it will be locked in less than 24 hours! The exact time can be later confirmed with this sha256 hash. 9B71621C3F0F3C9336E0776AD45381C6AD0098EBB271D952B7CC54C7808B2E2B


🌧️ Prizes! 🌧️

1st 💧 $100

2nd 💧 $50

3rd 💧 $25

Make it rain for at least $1 and win $2!



- Don't edit your posts if sharing a second picture just post again

 - Pictures must show at least the entire chat box

- Make it rain on at least 5 people

- Use the English chat

- 1 win per person

- Entries must have matching Stake names shown on the forums and in the picture



Let's have fun with this one and remember it's not ONLY about winning but also about giving to others! 

🏊‍♀️ Let's make it rain so hard the chat will have to swim! 🏊‍♀️



We aren't measuring pixels but here's the minimum requirement for what you need to show in your entry


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1 hour ago, remember said:

Based on value of usd. So who rain bigger will get prize? Isnt it?


1 hour ago, Mhela10 said:

hi steve do i need to remove the first one i commented its not the total rain of 1 usd

It's okay you can leave it

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