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Probability of losing bets.

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So its been two days in a row that keno have managed to completely troll my numbers all day long.. today its eaten 0.2 ltc around 0.003 btc 0.01 bch 0.01 eth 3180 doge.. busting from non stop losing streaks..

at one point, it was 48 reds hit 1 green then 52 reds at 6-9 numbers from med-high risk.. even at 10 it kept happening.. its been a constant struggle to hit.. 

How is this even possible? the posibility of getting no hit in long strides that last all day?.. i mean come on.. this happening every hour other hour would make more sense.. heck, every half hour would still be better than to get it every other minute... i think that is way too much reds in such a short timeframe.. 

ive change seeds, move tiles, bet low.. nothing works to get away from this hard troll.. :/



these have been consistently how my bet history looks like.. and its not even all of it.. to see two winning bets in a row have been a rare thing.. its been 1 win in between tons of losing bets., eats up your balance so quick!.. it is depressing..


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hmmm.. seriously starting to get really stupid.. like to the point i no longer thing this is provably fair... not even close.. still hasnt stopped.. just eats and eats.. 

few more ss from a few minutes ago..






1 minute ago, williamshennie9 said:

If you are playing on the high risk setting then these losses are 100% normal. If you are playing on a lower risk setting, then I would say something it wrong; or you just got extremely unlucky :( 

these are on medium risk.. medium and high pretty much makes no differences since ive tested both,. switching from high to med n vce versa..

it constatntly will light up 1 tile short to hit a winning bet..

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