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Team Sign Up - New Giveaway Competition!

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Stuck With You - New competition!

Are you ready to create a team and battle it out for first prize? If so you're going to love this new multi day giveaway competition unlike anything we've ever done before! This thread will be used to create teams and the next thread will give the full details on the competition. 

To join or create a team simply post anything on this thread. Teams will be created based on the order of posts and every 3 people to post will create a team. If you're the first post on this thread you create a team and the following 2 people to post after you join your team. 1st post, 4th post, 7th post ect will all be team creators. If you're a team creator you will have the ability to choose a team name so include that in your post! 

You can try to post at the same time as friends but you never know when someone else is going to post! Post randomly to make it more interesting! Once the post has been made teams are final and there's no going back. Don't bother with alt accounts either because even if you were to get on 2 teams you're still only 1 person so it's going to be useless. Everyone is equal in this competition so the only advantage someone can offer is time & dedication to the team. You'll see why in the next post. Go create your teams and see who you get stuck with! 20 post count or higher to join a team! 

You have 48 hours to post on this thread before it locks, that should be plenty of time to give everyone a chance to join. Did I mention there's going to be tons of prizes for the top 8 teams? (Prizes are split between the team)


Teams will be logged here: http://bit.ly/2CQsHK3

🏆 Prizes 🏆

1st - $300

2nd - $150

3rd  - $100

4th - $75

5th - $50

(Winning places are subject to slight changes based on the amount of teams that enter)


Do NOT post on this thread more than once. Do NOT post if you're not entering!

All questions & discussions about this competition can happen here


Note: Team creators have until this thread locks to send me a team name in a forum message (if not in the original post). After that I will use the name given to me first by any team member!





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Let's Go Brothers And Sisters :D My Team Name -> Curbi's Chance Clan [CCC].

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