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"Stuck With You" Competition Discussion & Questions

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  1. 1. Do you like giveaways that require you to work together?

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6 hours ago, ghitagulas said:

This is posible?



Fixed. If you comment again while I'm adding names I might not remember if you're on there or not since there's so many people. After a decent amount of boxes have been filled I put the names in alphabetical order to check for this so everyone please 1 comment each and only comment to enter. Have 20 post count or higher too

2 hours ago, rajamishra said:

how to get their team mate and how they grouped

Teams are decided by comment order. You were the first comment so you're currently at the top spot for team 1 in the spreadsheet which means you can choose a team name. 

Spreadsheet: http://bit.ly/2CQsHK3

5 hours ago, 0treb69 said:

I like the team race but sadly sometimes others players didn't cooperate with the game. hope even a solo player is qualified.

This is something you'll still have a chance of winning regardless of your team. If a team member is fully absent you will move on without them if your team chooses to

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I like teamwork but in this case, for this challenge, I am not sure I like it because you don't know what the competition is about, who will your teammates be and not even if they will put the same effort as you so it may be bit unfair with some players

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..working with team is much better than working alone,,not unless your team is inactive which cause you to give stumbling blocks for your group success..


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