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A worst luck... or greed takes you

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for i really dont believe in luck good or bad... but greed. i wont say that.. most likely that thought pop into ur head .. and was saying keep going i can make this higher and higher.. but when the wrong card comes out.. you smack your head with the voice of homer simpson.. D'oh..

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In my opinion hilo is a game of mind and skill it is very hard to predict what the next card would be especially if you get cards like 7 or K or A etc. The percentage is correct like 70% of the time only but since the new feature came i keep on laying Hi lo. 

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On 4/6/2019 at 11:46 PM, Flansca said:

Hello Stakers! 

I wanted to share experience about today, so because of "Stuck with you" first competition to get highest multiplier, I decided to play hilo and after 40 minutes..  I got this, a juicy 28k payout! I wanted to cashout after getting 35k and this happened.. even I already wanted to switch card into highest one, also King was the great I think before. (believing that there will be no kings after those 5 kings being appeared.)


Not so long, I'm trying to play with Ace for the first cards, maybe for 6-8 minutes, I got it also! Wanted to cashout to 35k, and this happened twice to me. Feeling frustrated, wanted to said, I'm suck xD  


Do you ever feeling this? Being a unlucky person in this world at the moment, to get an A-A or K-K again after those appeared? Are you even getting this misfortune in the past playing hilo? Let me know! 

*anyway, right now I'm going out and try to punch my wall, and then back again to play this hilo, hope not happening again*

Bet ids : 

  • HILO: 4,287,432,894
  • HILO: 4,287,193,131

ouch!!, this is really unexpected cards, even me, i will choose high, since i already get many Aces or kings on the flipped cards,  this is really badluck or deck might be trollin you. haha

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