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How much have you earned in your foruming career at forum.stake.com?

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On 4/8/2019 at 2:42 AM, Shaniqua said:

I was just wondering as it is not displayed in public for all to see (like the current forum balance)  how much have you total earned in your foruming payperpost career?

Im very curious to see how much the forum regular posters have made! it may interesting seeing a comparison. 

At the moment my total earnings are as follows: 3,676,815 santoshies earned and all used up lol (Excluding this thread post)

So cmon dont be shy what is your total PPP total made thus far?

79k , not pretty much, wbu? i guess it alot right! hehehhehehee

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48 minutes ago, Dress said:

Haha till now am only earn 1000 sat from forum,,yeah am not active on forum :(

Well people that wagered a lot like you should be more active here! :)

Since you wagered a lot already, your inputs and concerns will surely be more valuable than us that wagered a lot less. 

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Still trying to be active as much as I can. 


On 5/21/2019 at 2:22 PM, GKD09 said:

Hey guys, small question here.. I know Satoshi is also a type of cryptocurrency, but how do you use it? On Stake itself or you get to cash it out to a wallet? I'm not really sure.

Sorry if its a stupid question. 😛

The withdrawal of forum sats will go first in your Stake account then if it hits the minimum withdrawal of Stake (200k sats) you can already withdraw it to your wallet.

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I've earned about 700-800k satoshis, and I haven't been here for that long of a time. I registered on the forums in around november and it's currently may but I haven't been posting in a long time for a few months but 800k satoshis is still good for making the community better by replying to posts :)

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On 5/18/2019 at 4:04 PM, Absentt said:

I haven't been active on stake forum much, at this moment its at 3k sat. And even though I appreciate it, i don't count on it lol, I think it makes the post qualities drop. just mind my own business and cash it out every once in a while.

very well said,  i agree with you it shouldnt be counted on as for one its not a guaranteed thing, its a gift stake offers the community : ) good words young sir ty

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