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New Site I tested

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Thanks for playing ETTA Games! Hope you enjoy the whole gaming experience we presented. 
As you may know that ETTA Games is powered by smart contract, we currently support the transaction through MetaMask only. Please check if you've installed MetaMask, if not, kindly install it before the withdrawal. 
Not sure how to install MetaMask? Check here. 

Your Balance: 0.0009500000 ETH 
Your Wallet Address:



what is Mete Mask? 

Is it Safe?

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2 hours ago, GodLoft said:

what is Mete Mask? 

Is it Safe?

Its MetaMask , Its just an Extension for your browser which runs an ethereum node at you machine,which also works as an ethereum wallet  . I use MetaMask too its great and sure !

And gonna try this website hope its legit and works , i have $10 worth of ether will try that to test that site !Thank You for sharing !

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