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Betchain Wont Pay .9 Btc I Won...

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Hi Everybody,

I am writing this to let you all know, and please tell everyone you know that uses Betchain or gambles online with Btc, that I had .9 Btc wrongfully confiscated and my account disabled by Betchain.

Their reason for this action, was I had violated the Terms & Conditions, which I by definition had. But when the multi accounts were brought to the attention of Brian Mason, a manager at Betchain, that Erick and I have spoken with many times, we agreed that all of the accounts but 2 would be closed.

Erick and our roommate at the time kept their accounts. When our roommate moved out, he never used his account because he didnt have any Btc without Erick around to buy it from, I asked him if I could use the account to play in, as mine was closed. He said I could. No big deal. I used the account for at least 6 months before I became friends with Rayen, who is the best Customer Support person a company could have, I felt inclined to let her know that I was me, and the account was our friends old account he wasnt using. I explained everything, sent Betchain a copy of my ID, we sent Ericks ID again, and whatever documents they requested.

Betchain approved us to use the same IP address. We deposited and played, and everything was fine. But every time we went to withdraw, they would close our accounts. We would contact Support, Sofia, the manager that always managed to get our accounts opened after Betchain closed them, and she also always got our cash out requests processed.

It was a pain in the tail, but we love Betchain and because we had had to go thru the inconvenient, you violated the T&C bs, oh wait, we already approved your accounts, sorry about that, nice win, congrats, thanks for playing at Betchain, your accounts have been enabled and your Btc is on its way.

This last time, which began in February of this year, I had won 6 Btc at Stake. I had sent all the Btc where I wanted it to go, and while I was depositing to casinos I wanted to play at, I deposited at Betchain. If I had thought for 1 second there was any chance they would not process a cash out request if I happened to win, I would not have deposited anything there.  But weve been thru the bs with Sofia enough times, I didnt think they would close my account again, and never thought they would confiscate .9 Btc that I won, after depositing 9 times, 0.05 Btc each deposit, for a total of .45 Btc.

When I won, I withdrew .9 Btc. While I was waiting for the payment to be processed, I deposited another 0.05 Btc, so I could play. When I went to log in to my account so I could play the 0.05, a message popped up saying my account was disabled.

I went to Support and said, ‘if I thought for 1 second you wouldnt let me withdraw my winnings after depositing .45, I never would have sent my money here.’ I told them that Betchain does this every time I wd, and please, save us all some time and enable my account. They did not. So I emailed Sofia, like always.

Sofia proceeded to tell me that she had said not to open any accounts from this IP address. And since an account had been opened, we were in violation of the T&C.

Well, in November, I won 3.3 Btc. Actually, I won 1.3 Btc, and I withdrew 1.2. After I tried to cash out, and the wd was not processed, I cancelled my withdrawal and tried to wd again, leaving .1 in the account to play with. I thought it served Betchain right for not immediately processing my request, that I won 2.2 Btc on one spin on one of their slot games. When I tried to wd 3.3 Btc, I was informed that I would not be able to wd more than .5 a week.

After threatening to go to the forums if we werent allowed to withdraw the amount in full, they approved the request.

Shortly before that incident, our friend Cassie, wanted to play at Betchain. I went to Support, I talked to Terry, I explained that we had a referral that was being set up from our IP address because Cassie, being new to Btc, wanted me to show her how to deposit and bet. She would be opening the account at our house, but would be playing from a different IP address after I helped her figure out the site.

They said that was fine. Then Cassie won. They disabled her account for violating the T&C. I found Rayen, I explained that I had let Support know that my friend would be using our IP address and she was opening an account. They asked for her ID which Cassie did not want to send because she thought it was anonymous, but immediately sent her ID. Sofia approved the wd and enabled her account.

When I won the 3.3 Btc, if Im not mistaken, when I tried to wd the 3.3, the second wd attempt, my account was closed and Cassies account was also closed. Cassie asked Support numerous times to please enable her account. I went to Support and tried to explain everything again, Cassie sent emails to get the account enabling instructions. That account was never re-opened.

After a couple months, Cassie wanted to play at Betchain. I said they wont open your account. I told her she could play in my account, I dont use it all the time, and I trust her , so fine, if they wont let you have your own account, go ahead and use mine. Erick said, why dont you just make her her own account. I briefly explained to Erick about Cassies account being closed, he said just send her a ref link and have her open a new one. So I did. Cassie played in the account a few times. Then I won the 6 Btc at Stake, and started depositing 0.05, over a few hours span.

If my account was in violation of the T&C at this point, it is fair to say that everyone would be well aware that was the case, and Betchain could have shut my account down at any given time. And if it truly were in violation, they should have closed our accounts. But they did not. Why? Because we had proven to them that we we not one person trying to abuse their bonuses and site. I would like to add here, they closed Ericks account. In this household, there is only 1 account that receives affiliate commission, Ericks account that he opened when we were new to Btc, 3+ years ago. Erick referred, in the end, my account, and yes, he gets 25% of everything I lose, as does anyone who refers anyone. For about 10 months, none of the games in Ericks account would load. Erick had gone to Support at least 5 times and asked if the games had been disabled, and if there was a problem, could it be fixed so he could deposit and play. It never was resolved, but the acccount was left open, and he continued to receive the ref pay from my losses and a few people we had referred that played occasionally.

When I won the .9 Btc, my account was disabled, Ericks affiliate account closed, and Cassies second account she opened.

We all deposit. We deposit a lot of Btc. We have been players there for over 3 years, we have played there exclusively for over the past year, despite the gross inconvenience we know might happen if we win and try to wd. On top of being loyal depositing players, Erick and I both loved Sofia and Rayen for always resolving any issues that came up. We werent just at number at Betchain. We know these people, and they know us.

Its been over 2 months since Betchain refused my cash out request and disabled my account. I have sent 7 or so emails in essence begging Sofia to open my account and send me my Btc I rightfully won. She says you violated the T&C and I told you not to open any accounts from your IP address.

I told her that the terms and conditions are there to protect Betchain from scammers and people that habitually abuse sites bonuses. The only bonuses I get from Betchain, are issued to me from Support when I bust a deposit.

Erick and I are not abusing Betchain. The ref pay he gets, that is what Betchain offers to everyone for referring their friends. No abuse there. Cassie deposits and plays. No abuse there. Clearly clearly clearly, we are 3 people, we want to play at Betchain. Betchain has approved our accounts to play from the same IP address every time it has been an issue. And Betchain gladly accepts the deposits from all 3 of our accounts that they have approved or we would not have open accounts to deposit and play in at Betchain to have the chance to win, it is only, and so blatantly obviously only, our accounts are only in violation of the terms and conditions when we try to withdraw.

And on top of all of that, I explained to Sofia that I have been a moderator of an online gaming site. I think it is safe to say I am loved and respected by the players and friends I have made over the past 3 years I have been a trusted part of the Bitvest Family. Part of my job is to keep the site from being abused by people that use multiple accounts to take advantage of the system. Everyone in the crypto gaming world knows exactly what a scammer looks like. People that deposit consistently, that have sent ID to prove they are who they say they are, even with several accounts from the same IP address, look nothing like scammers, because they arent.

I did not want to have to write this. I wanted my account opened, as it should never have been closed to begin with, I begged Sofia to please give me the Btc I won and open my account, I do not want to have everyone I know make sure Betchain is not around to burn anyone at any time, loyal depositing player or not. This is how Betchain treats loyal players, and loyal players that refer their friends to use their site.

I will only post one screenshot, i have at least 100 screenshots, emails, letters, deposit history, proofs, to and from Betchain, but this one screenshot, in my opinion, is so damning, I dont need to post anything else.

This picture shows my deposits, the .45 in 9 separate transactions, that were accepted and lost, and then the .9 Btc I have been trying to get from Betchain for months, being discarded by Betchain, and Betchain accepting my deposit that I sent after I requested a cash out for the .9 win.

Had they resolved this and opened my account, I could have been irritated or angry they put me thru this bs and wasted my time and all the hassle for them to wrongfully keep my Btc. But I could have been able to say, ‘they screwed up, but they fixed it, cant ask for much more than that'. That did not happen. And now I am here to tell all of you…

Betchain is being run in a most unethical manner. A site that I have recommended highly and truly loved, will wrongfully take your money and with their convenient catch 22 bs terms and conditions clause that they use whichever way works best for them at the time, are lying, cheating, scammers that do not deserve to be in business. It is our responsibility, to inform our family and friends that play at Betchain, and all the noobs that come along every day, that Betchain will steal your money if you deposit and they feel like manipulating their rules so you can not withdraw when you win.

Please post this on every forum you contribute to, tell everyone you know that this is how Betchain operates, and please for the love of God, do not deposit there. Businesses that choose to do business like that, do not deserve to keep their doors open with our hard earned money, and their paychecks paid by confiscating player wins and closing user accounts.   


This is the last email i sent this morning, and their reply -

Please Enable My Account


 Mon, 04/08/19 11:58 am

 Dear Player,

Sorry, but your account won't be reopened.

Best regards,
Betchain Casino Support Team

sig sundt

 Mon, 04/08/19 11:54 am

 All this will come down to, is a very clear record showing that Betchain is
willing to accept my btc when we are in 'violation' of the T&C, but
terminates my account because we are in violation of the T&C when I try to

So, since we all know that is wrong, and since I am me and Erick is E and
Cassie is Cassiebee, and Betchain approved all of us to play there from the
same IP address prior to my wd attempts, dont you think it is only fair to
enable my account and process my withdrawal?

Because if Betchain allowed Erick and I to play for any amount of time
after it had been brought to everyones attention there were multiple
accounts from this IP, it doesnt matter if there was 2,3, or even 100 multi
accounts Sofia. If you approve 2 people and then 3 people, Cassie, it
doesnt matter how many accounts there are. What are you going to say, we
approved 3 players, a violation of our T&C, but not 4? Which you know was
Cassies account because Betchain disabled her account when I won 3.3 btc in

This is what everyone is about to see.

Like Ive said, Im willing to overlook this ugly misstep on Betchains part.
Isnt the first time Ive had to fight tooth and nail to have a cash out
request processed and my account enabled. Betchain needs to do the right
thing now, no bonuses were abused, the only bonuses used were the bonuses
issued after busting a deposit. Weve been allowed to play after everyone
approved our IP use. Nothing has changed, nothing bad happened, no fraud or
abuse of anything to Betchain happened. Open my account and process my wd

Today is the last day before I go to my friends and the forum. I very
clearly do not want to damage Betchain, I have begged for resolution to
this that shouldnt even be a problem in the first place. You should open my
account just because I have not told everyone what Betchain has done to me
and my account. And be happy I have given you entirely too much time to fix
this. I want my account opened at Betchain 100x more than I want to destroy
Betchain in place.

I have done nothing wrong Sofia. I am me. I referred my friend to your site
so she could deposit and play. You can not close my account after taking a
half a btc in deposits only to say I was violating a policy that Betchain
had already signed off on as ok. Whether we had 2 accounts or 20 does not
matter at the end of the day because the 2 accounts you approved nullified
the multi account clause, and no one will see that any differently than it
is because that is absolutely true.

Please notify me by email when I can use my account.

Thank you for you time

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Hi Badger,


Its unfortunate that this has happened.  I have posted a review for Betchain and submitted your link to this here as a reference - on LCB.org (Online Review and Bonus of Casinos Website) .  Again, I referenced the link to this page of your statement here on my review of Betchain as a scam site and a non-paying site.  I have an acct there, have played there.  Glad i havent deposited there lately and havent chose to play there most recently as incident such as yours isnt the first one of its kind. I have heard it happen from several different people.


I hope they do give you your BTC back. 

- Playaboii

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ok so they basically told them its ok to play and violate the terms and conditions but did not tell her they could still steal her money whenever they wanted too because she was violating terms and conditions. they pretty much only approved past withdrawals for hopes of her depositing way more and profiting but when they saw her having deposited .45 and winning .9 they prolly gave up on the ideasince clearly they were losing way more with her.

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what a bull shit scam why does it even matter if you have multi accounts if you deposit and you are not using those accounts to defraud them then they need to pay you your winnings or at minimum refund your depo. Sounds like betchain is just a scam site now. sorry that happen badger any way we can help shut them down let us know.

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i am going to post your link to several forums, and will raise voice againt that fraud and scam site.

i read reviews about betchain at few sites, many people have problems and complaints about their coins, which they confisicate without any solid reason.


i hope you will get back your btc soon.

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Seriously crap! Its so scheming of them to allow to deposit yet disable your account the moment you request for withdrawal of your winnings. Its not like you have won from their free spins or abuse their bonus by other tons of alts account. You guys are considered as their highrollers aka their paying masters,providing for their families to be honest. 

Ever since you told me about this issue, i have stopped depositing in there totally. I don't see the point of depositing my hard earned $ into site that pull tricks whenever their players request for their withdrawals. Its as good as busting my funds away or unless they have converted into an arcade park whereby we just deposit and play for the sake of pure entertainment.  

Oh ya! Come to think of it, my Betchain account has been hacked before in August last year. For your info, Betchain does not provide any 2FA security feature for their players account.  I was advised to change my password when i reported my account being hacked to the live support.  The best part is that pathetic hacker managed to withdraw 0.4 doge out of my balance eventhou I did not confirm on the withdrawal request . Instead i contacted the support as stated in the email. Perhaps during my conversation with the support, the hacker work his way into my email just to acknowledge his withdrawal request of just 0.4doge. I really don't know.. 🤣


Below is just 1 of my deposit history pages in Betchain.


⬇️ that address doesn't belong to me so i was only told to change my password after i have contacted the support.. 



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They accept deposits willingly, but refuse to pay. Let's see how your problem is solved, I hope in your direction and you will be paid your money. There are a lot of bad reviews on Betchain on the Internet with a similar problem. Hope for the best, we will support you.

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Woah 0.9 Bitcoin ? If they do that then for sure it is a scam gambling site no doubt. Sorry for your loss hope they get bad reviews . 

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This is absolutely shocking! I can't believe a site such as betchain would do this! I will never use their scam site until they resolve this. I'm so sorry that this happened to you Badger, I hope they resolve it soon :)

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