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Game of Thrones Frenzy!

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Heya peeps, Valar Morghulis :P 

Now that the new and final season is just around the corner, the hype is real! :D I assume there's a lot of fans here of this iconic tv show, so I was surprised there were no topics about it :P 

Are you excited to see the first episode of S8? I sure am and hope they got a lot in store for us since the tv show was being prepared for 2 years and now the winter is finally here!

Do you have any predictions or expectations how it all ends? Who survives (if anyone, judging by that last trailer lol)? Who are your favourite characters and the most hated ones? Who will sit in the Iron Throne? 

Personally, I'm a fan of House Stark and Targaryen so all their enemies are mine, too xD And as for the Iron Throne, the next one to sit there is... well, me! :D 


Thank you for the Cruella GoT pic, @Faris :D❤️ 

Joke aside, the ones I would love to see ruling the kingdom are Jon, he really deserves it after all he's been through, or Dany - I mean, the woman has dragons and Unsullied! :P😍 

I have created this topic for all things GoT related, so if you're a fan, feel free to share any memes, music, art, really anything you find interesting ;) Also, looking forward to hear your expectations about the final season! ;) 


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On 7/18/2019 at 8:57 PM, Aazzah said:

Cool! I have literally only started watching this yesterday and I love it! Excited to watching more. :D


What have you been waiting till now? 😛 Welcome to the craziest fandom, Aazzah! :D

I assume you already got some favourite characters as well? :D 

On 4/12/2019 at 3:09 PM, Faris said:

Fav cover ❤️ 


That one is perfect! ❤️ 

I adore this one, the guitar sound, her voice...just heavenly! 


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Best TV show ever!!! Except for the last season, I think everyone is disappointed in it. I mean, c'mon, from the furs episode we were expecting that huge battle and White Walkers were so easily defeated. Lame. But all in all it's really amazing. Jamie was my favourite character, but I think that Tyrion had the best role and he did really amazing job 😊

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