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Round 3 - Stuck With You Competition!


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Round 3 - Stuck With You Competition!

We started with 70 teams and now we're all the way down to 18! Round 2 sure was close and things are only going to heat up more here in Round 3!



How to win!

Now that you've all had time to become acquainted with your team, I think it's time to step up the level of team play required to win! Round 3 is going to be all about Roulette and the numbers 0, 5, 22 & 34! 


The first thing you'll need to do is put down a chip of any currency on all 4 numbers, unless you don't want to maximize your win chance! Your goal is to get as many consecutive wins as possible on on the numbers 0, 5, 22 & 34! If you hit a 0, 22 and then a 7 you scored 2 points. If you hit a 5 and then a 6 you scored 1 point. Hit a 5, 0, 34, 22, 22, 5, 16 and you scored 6 points! Your streak starts when you hit one of these 4 numbers and ends when you hit any other number. You're allowed to submit 1 streak only and the team with the most combined points moves on to Round 4!


Team Steve

Player1 - 2 points

Player2 -  1 point

Player3 -  4 points

Total team score = 7


Providing Proof

You will be required to prove your bets were consecutive. You don't have to post bet ID's this time, but you do have to post a picture of your "My Bets" tab. Your entry should look like this. Show the entire screen, not just a small section with the wins.


This would be an example of me scoring 2 points for my team.

I know a picture like this is easy to edit which is why I will be manually reviewing each account to make sure everything matches. Anyone who tries using a picture that is not authentic will be banned from this competition and the next one. 


Start & Finish time

Starting time: 4/13/19 (4 pm GMT) - When the thread will be unlocked for entries

Ending time: 4/14/19 (4 pm GMT) - When the thread will be locked again


Additional Rules

  • 1 post per person, 3 posts per team. If you post twice only your first post will be counted so edit your post if you want to submit a new entry
  • You're only against the 1 other team you're matched vs on the spreadsheet
  • In the event of a tie I will run a public tie breaker challenge
  • Bets are only valid after 4/13/19 (4 pm GMT)
  • 9 points per person maximum 
  • You have up to 1 hour to post the points you've scored. No holding bets until the last second.
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10 minutes ago, cryptoguru said:

Hey, please post a good screenshot, where all see your numbers. Because u can hit for example the same number and it's not fair, for ex 0,5,5,0 or something like that!
Give 2 screenshots!



You can hit all numbers in a row or twice - three times  same numbers/// like 5-22-22-5-34 or 22-22-22/ 

its not a problem/ And Steve tell us what screenshot he want / 

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